Denver acupuncturist Diana Horowitz giving facial rejuvenation treatment to woman with acu-microneedling Opal Acupuncture

Diana’s Acupuncture Style 

Over the millennia, many different styles of acupuncture have developed around the world. Diana’s unique schooling taught her how to weave together elements of Japanese, Five Element, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Trigger Point Release acupuncture, to customize treatments to meet the needs of her patients. 

When working as a generalist, Diana’s style of acupuncture is flexible, allowing her to effectively treat a wide range of conditions such as insomnia, stress, anxiety and infertility. Read on to find out more about her specialties!

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Trigger Point Release Acupuncture 

patient receiving trigger point release acupuncture on back

Do you have knots in your muscles that just won’t let go? Trigger points are small tender areas in a tight muscle that become a painful part of nearly everyone’s life at one time or another. They can be responsible for a wide variety of symptoms, including migraines, headaches, chronic abdominal pain, PMS, frozen shoulder, repetitive strain disorder and others.

Diana will support your energetic system with acupuncture points, then release your trigger points to relieve your particular “holding pattern.” A holding pattern is the unique way myofascial constrictions or blocked energy manifest in the body. The exam and treatment are based on your actual, physical lived experience of distress rather than a theoretical textbook diagnosis.


Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Woman receiving Wakefield Technique facial rejuvenation acupuncture

Facial Rejuvenation offers a safe, effective and natural approach for improving muscle tone, brightening your complexion and reducing facial and neck wrinkles while benefiting your general health. Diana incorporates tuning fork vibrational therapy, jade rollers, facial cupping, gua sha, dermarolling, aromatherapy, customized facial products and acupressure massage into a luxurious experience so you can look and feel your best. 

You can experience this speciality with the only “Gold Certified” practitioner of The Wakefield Technique (the most comprehensive facial rejuvenation acupuncture program in the world) in Denver. Since 2015, she has trained other acupuncturists in the foundations of The Wakefield Technique.


dōTERRA Essential Oils

Collection of dōterra essential oils

Essential oils are plant medicine that have been used for thousands of years to heal the body, mind and spirit. Diana proudly uses dōTERRA’s essential oils in her acupuncture treatments as a beautiful complement to acupuncture’s physical, mental and emotional effects. Diana is a member of a team of wellness practitioners trained by Dr. Julie Reyes, L.Ac., who wrote the encyclopedia of Essential Oil Acupuncture. 

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Tuning Fork Vibrational Therapy

Acupuncturist using tuning fork therapy on patient

Since 70-80% of the human body is composed of water, it makes an excellent conductor and resonator of sound. Tuning fork tones can help break down and remove blockages, alleviate pain and increase energy flow, which encourages the mind-body to shift from a ‘fight or flight’ state to a more meditative and profoundly relaxed condition. Common effects are improved sleep, reduced muscular tension and pain and a calm, balanced emotional state.

Diana incorporates tuning forks into her regular acupuncture sessions to heighten the effects of acupuncture. They may also be used instead of needles for sensitive patients and children. 


Cupping and Gua Sha

fire cupping treatment

Cupping (suction) and gua sha (friction) are ways of encouraging one’s body to increase circulation in targeted areas to clear out inflammation, toxins and constrictions from muscles and fascia. With fire cupping, a glass cup is held upside down and a small flame is quickly thrust into it and removed, creating a suction effect when the cup is placed upon your skin. Though it should feel comfortable, the technique may temporarily leave round red or purplish marks on the skin.

“Gua” means to rub or friction. “Sha” is a term used to describe congestion of blood at the surface of the body. When friction is applied in repeated, gentle strokes, the sha surfaces as markings that look similar to a hickey.  Both cupping and gua sha can be helpful for reducing pain as well as treating respiratory illnesses. 


Smoking Cessation

hands breaking cigarette after smoking cessation treatment

Medical research has shown that acupuncture is a powerful tool that can help curb withdrawal symptoms of nicotine and support the process of quitting smoking. Dr. Michael Smith, founder of the premier substance abuse center utilizing acupuncture in the United States, said that "in addition to reducing withdrawal symptoms, acupuncture provides a strong calming effect on substance abusers and substantially reduces drug cravings."  

Five days before your first of eight smoking cessation appointments, please follow these important steps to set yourself up for success!


Dry Needling

patient receiving dry needling from trained acupuncturist

Diana is frequently asked about the difference between acupuncture and dry needling. Dry needling is a term used by Physical Therapists that refers to releasing trigger points with acupuncture needles. But while PTs in Colorado are required to complete a mere weekend training course in dry needling, acupuncturists complete a minimum of 2,000 hours of training in acupuncture, including 600+ hours of needling under direct clinical supervision.

In addition, Diana focused her graduate studies on learning Acupuncture Physical Medicine, also known as Trigger Point Release Acupuncture. Trigger Point Release Acupuncture addresses the root cause of disharmony with acupuncture points, as well as skillfully and gently releasing trigger points. In short, Trigger Point Release Acupuncture views and treats the whole person in a holistic manner, while dry needling simply releases trigger points in muscle. Read about facts and misinformation regarding dry needling here.


Integrated Acu-Microneedling™ 

Patient receiving integrated acu-microneedling treatment during acupuncture

As a facial rejuvenation acupuncture specialist, Diana integrates the holistic health benefits of acupuncture with modern microneedling. Microneedling uses a dermaroller or motorized device to create microscopic channels through the skin, initiating a healing response that creates new collagen and elastin. Studies have shown it can soften wrinkles and scars, strengthen skin and even out skin tone without significant downtime. 

Diana believes that healthy, radiant skin is a reflection of having a balanced internal energy system. That’s why she supports the energetics of the whole person — body, mind and spirit — with acupuncture, tuning fork vibrational therapy and essential oils during the microneedling process. An Integrated Acu-Microneedling™  treatment includes a cleansing facial, essential oils, acupressure needles or seeds to stimulate energy flow and tuning fork vibrational therapy for deep relaxation. Diana co-created this unique holistic system and now teaches it to other acupuncturists.


Acu-Raindrop Essential Oil Treatment

Acu raindrop essential oils dripping from bottle onto hand

Are you experiencing back pain, major stress, or the beginning of a cold? With Acu-Raindrop therapy, Diana massages nine therapeutic grade essential oils into your back muscles and places a warm compress over them. She then gently stimulates acupuncture points to support the muscle tension-relieving and immune-boosting effects of the oils and uses tuning fork vibrational therapy to promote profound relaxation. 


Injection Therapy (Biopuncture)

biopuncture injection therapy needle and ampule bottle

Did you know that acupuncturists in Colorado can practice injection therapy with additional training? Diana has taken this course three times to stay current with this remarkable specialty. By combining traditional acupuncture with injection therapy, or “biopuncture,” you can accelerate your body's healing process and feel much better, much sooner. 

- Pain Relief

Weekend warriors and professional athletes alike can benefit from Sports Medicine Biopuncture, which is the injection of homeopathic remedies into acupuncture points (energy access points) and trigger points (knots within muscle that radiate pain). The homeopathic remedies contain minute amounts of plant essences and minerals that have a naturally soothing, anti-inflammatory effect on injured muscles. Sports Medicine Biopuncture stimulates natural healing rather than suppressing symptoms. 

Diana uses the remedy Traumeel to relieve and heal conditions such as back pain, neck pain, sciatica, knee pain, wrist pain, shoulder and ankle pain and muscular tension headaches. She uses the remedy Zeel to relieve pain from more chronic, degenerative conditions, such as osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. Other remedies can be customized to reduce swelling, nerve pain, and even menstrual cramps!

- B12 Injections

B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a key role in keeping nerves and red blood cells healthy. Benefits of having adequate B12 include increased energy levels, a greater ability to manage stress and higher quality sleep. It can support the treatment of conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease and restless leg syndrome. 

- Lipotropic Injections

For more energy and to add to your weight loss regime, “Lipo-Mino” injections include Choline, Carnitine, Inositol, B1, B2, B6 & B12. These ingredients can help the body turn fat into energy, build muscle, and promote a healthy immune system. 


Far Infra-Red BioMat

biomat infra-red mat and controller recharges energy system during acupuncture appointments

The BioMat emits a deeply penetrating far infra-red heat through tourmaline and amethyst crystals to rebalance and recharge your energy system. Relaxing on the Biomat is a complimentary part of every acupuncture service, whether it be an Acu-Raindrop, facial rejuvenation or regular acupuncture session.