Diana Horowitz

M.S., L.Ac.

Diana brings her multi-faceted approach to every patient she sees at Opal Acupuncture. Whether you come to relieve pain, de-stress, or rejuvenate, she brings years of experience and a wide spectrum of tools to help you discover a path to better health.


“At the core of my work is managing stress levels through acupuncture, essential oils, and vibrational sound healing. One of the joys of my profession is that I get to develop long-standing relationships with my patients. I help them relieve physical and emotional pain, boost self-esteem, transform addictions and even conceive children. I choose to treat one person at a time, with customized care and attention.”

- Diana Horowitz

woman getting acupuncture at Denver wellness clinic

Diana approaches her practice as an alchemist

Her unique schooling taught her to weave together elements of Japanese, Five Element, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Trigger Point Release acupuncture and customize treatments to the needs of her patients. 

Diana offers the options of integrating acupuncture, essential oils and tuning forks into all of her acupuncture treatments, whether you are coming to see her for pain management, gastrointestinal distress, facial rejuvenation acupuncture, or stress relief. 






What Diana’s clients say

Acupuncture with Diana Horowitz is one of the best choices toward health I’ve ever made. Her attention to detail and persistent, effective treatments have brought me out of chronic pain. She offers solutions for healing and maintaining good health in her office but, most important, also outside her office. I feel empowered to create my own healthy life.
— A.A., homemaker

Located in the Highlands neighborhood of Northwest Denver, we provide a space to de-stress, detoxify and slow down.

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Opal Acupuncture
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