B12 Injection Therapy

“Since receiving B12 injections, my health has changed dramatically. I decided to receive these injections because I follow a vegan diet that lacks the essential B12 vitamin found in dairy and meat. Before receiving the injections, I had chest pains, my skin was breaking out, I had strong responses to stress and was barely sleeping through the night.

The first time I received the shot, I noticed a difference right away. My energy levels increased, my chest pains disappeared, I was able to stay awake at work, and slept through the entire night. As I received more injections, I started noticing small changes, like more lustrous hair, clear skin, a calmer responses to stress and better focus while at work. The biggest change the B12 injections have made is that my body has developed a very steady eight-hour sleep cycle. I'm able to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night, and even wake up naturally without an alarm. Adequate stores of B12 continue to make me feel great day-to-day. I feel 'like me’ again! I highly recommend these injections to anyone who may be deficient in B12.” - A.O., administrative assistant

Amy Ventura