Smoking Cessation

“I had already tried to quit more than 3 times before. I needed Diana's help in succeeding. The treatments were fantastic - each one catered to a different process of cleansing my system and was a time to just meditate and give my body a break and breathe. Strangely, during the sessions, I didn't think about smoking as much as I expected. After the first week I had very few withdrawal symptoms and little to no cravings. The releasing of emotions was the most revealing of the process. I was able to reclaim my anger, which had been suppressed by nicotine for so long. I was able to sleep longer and I became less dependent on other stimulants like caffeine. Now I don't feel like a smoker - more like a never-ever have been a smoker! Never have I felt so strong, motivated, present and happy than now.” - K.M., teacher, now 10+ years smoke-free

Amy Ventura